Professional services that help organizations to leverage technology to help achieve their business objectives.

The services we offer range from advisory, estimation, management, implementation, deployment, ongoing maintenance and administration of technology on behalf of our clients.

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Creating Local Technical Solution led to Redefining the Core Business Process
Build a strong foundation and foresight to enable Tech Modernization decisions

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We Specialize In

Custom Software Development

Technology for business is not “one-size-fits-all.” While there are plenty of great COTS solutions for standard processes, at some point of maturity any business needs to extend these into proprietary solutions which are much better suited for their business model. This is especially true for technology companies. Building a successful proprietary solution starts from a deep understanding of the business goals and operating processes. At Digicode we have learned how to explore and understand the needs of our customers. Our team of seasoned experts will deliver world class results for your organization, maximizing the opportunities that support future growth. Our expertise applied ensures every aspect of your project achieves all desired outcomes and objectives. We provide a full service for the application development life-cycle, including software and app planning, analysis, design, code creation, staging and implementation, deployment, ongoing maintenance and enhancement.




We provide the fuel for your growth, working in partnership with you in every aspect of your business. From business strategy to architectural design, our experience, understanding and professional objectivity will prove invaluable in achieving your objectives and outcomes in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

Our Consultants can help you with:
  • Cloud and Datacenter Migration and Strategy
  • Technology Strategic Oversight
  • Technology Architecture and Design
  • Product Lifecycle and Go To Market
  • Technology Compliance and Governance Engagements
  • Technology and Cyber Security Planning

Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing

By leveraging our expertise, skills and in-depth knowledge, organizations seeking assistance with their technology strategy and systems can take advantage of the opportunities technology represents today. We are uniquely positioned to provide those skills and services to all businesses and organizations, from startups to venture capitalist backed organizations, private equity funded companies or any organization that needs world class technology resources.

We have a track record of success working with startup ventures, assisting in bringing their ideas to market and beyond. From early stage design through to production and market fulfillment, we offer the guidance, skills and insight that delivers outstanding results and continued success.

And when the time comes, during mergers and acquisitions, there are many challenges to overcome, none more so than in the technological infrastructure. Production and operation are disrupted causing further challenges, however the Digicode team can provide the technical assessment for acquisition, including replacing lost personnel or entire departments. Our bespoke solution will deliver security for your investment.



UI/UX and Design

Over the last decade was a time of revolution in Design and Usability. Small screens of smartphones forced technology companies to come up with a new paradigm of how modern software should look like and how it should behave. Simplicity and ease of use became the de facto standard for every new product. It didn’t take long for this new trend to spill into the business environment affecting how people use software in their workplace.

At Digicode we understand the importance of usability and design in order to build successful products. We gathered together a team of designers and usability experts to build and offer a best in class UI/UX practice. Properly designing user experience for your product can make a difference between absolute success and a failure for any product. Crafting a user journey, making processes simple and intuitive, providing users with all the information required to make the right decision at the right time – these are just basic steps in satisfying your customers. Digicode can help you build irresistible products that will help you turn your users into brand ambassadors and increase your NPS.

Mobile Apps

It is hard to imagine that just a decade ago the combination of words mobile and application had no meaning to almost everybody. Since then we have all come a long way and there is even new lingo associated specifically with mobile apps. For us to join ranks of mobile developers was a very natural decision – we go where our customers go. Since then our team evolved with the market, learning new technologies and platforms, sharpening our skills in building attractive and easy to use applications, and building deep expertise in anything related to mobile. Whether the app is for school kids to help with their chores or for the law-enforcement officer in the field, we can design, build, deliver and operate it for you. Different projects require different skills and resources. We have solutions that suit startups with limited time and budget and solutions for enterprise mobility where the focus is on security and reliability. Each project is unique and Digicode mobile team is your best choice in building modern, attractive, reliable, secure and yet affordable mobile app.


Technology Modernization

When talking about the technology we tend to imagine new and shiny companies that emerged in the recent decade with brand new technical products. However, the majority of the market are solid, well-established businesses with a long history of serving their customers. Many of those companies built internal or customer-facing technology that served them well for many years. Changes in infrastructure, technology, business process or user base are pushing those companies to modernize their technology and take advantage of new possibilities in service delivery, data, mobility UX and much more. Risks and cost involved with technology modernization causing companies to delay the decision until the very last moment. Digicode has developed a unique approach that can help businesses to modernize without surprises or cost sticker-shock and the risk of breaking the working process. Our modernization experts can help and advise with discovering new opportunities through implementation of new business models, improved productivity, usability and efficiency, and global distribution. Flexible models we use are allowing our customers to gradually migrate from the old platforms to the new, while protecting mission critical processes and avoiding any downtime.


Special Services

Is SugarCRM not used to its full potential?
Sometimes the CRM piece of your organizations' business process is the most modern and advanced system in use. However, in other parts of your organization people are still moving paper files from one desk to another and from there to the file cabinet. At Digicode we are not just CRM experts, we have vast knowledge and experience building, improving and enhancing all kinds of business processes, including those that are manual or a part of custom proprietary systems. We know how to orchestrate all systems, big and small, including your CRM implementation to work together to optimize your business performance and by allowing you to focus on what's really important for your business.
Converting your Native IOS and Android Mobile Apps into a single codebase cross platform React Native App
How often have you been frustrated having to rewrite the same functionality twice - once for iOS and once for Android? What about the costs of having staff with different skill sets? Wouldn't it be better to have just one team, working on the one and only codebase for your mobile project? Can you imagine how much you could save in terms of time, resources, and the budget? Digicode's process can help you to save up to 50% of your budget for your new or existing mobile project.
Reinvent the learning process with Custom Learning Management Solution  
• Every company is different hence has its own
  unique training needs. Understanding these unique customized learning    need we develop customized learning management solutions.
• Having worked in game development we can use gamification to make    even the most exasperating content interesting.
• Our team of seasoned learning management experts delivers world-    class results ensuring scalable and future-ready learning solutions.
Accelerating Healthcare Innovations
• Developing custom health software to deliver improved efficiency and       care delivery.
• Digicode partners with the healthcare technology companies and clinics   to develop a future-forward products.
• Our proven methodology ensures the successful and timely          development of complex healthcare software solutions.


Startups are a very special kind of business. To work with a startup successfully one needs to have the same mentality as a startup entrepreneur. Fortunately, Digicode’s entire leadership team has been a startup entrepreneur at some point of their lives and intimately knows the startup reality. We have a track record of success working with startup ventures, assisting in bringing their idea to market and beyond. From early stage design through to production and market fulfillment, we offer the guidance, skills and insight that delivers outstanding results and ongoing success.


Small and medium size companies are the bread and butter of the US economy. Employing the majority of Americans, producing the majority of GDP SMBs are often overlooked from the technology point of view. Many of these businesses grew organically over a long period of time and had no ability to define their technology strategy, plan the roadmap and to invest in the future. The Digicode team provides answers for SMB that are designed to address their technology needs by bringing on board world-class expertise without breaking the bank. Our automation and modernization programs can help to close gaps and look into the future with more certainty.


Large and established businesses generally can afford to hire the best experts in the industry to provide services. However, very often “best” is being substituted by “big” or “well-known.” In reality, the only difference between the right vendor and the “big vendor” will be the price. We understand the needs of enterprise clients as well as the “big vendors.” Our teams worked with complex matters of enterprise architecture, business processes and compliance. Digicode engineers and consultants can offer their expertise, knowledge, passion and energy to serve the needs of most demanding enterprise customers.