Innovative Solutions, Excellence in Execution and World Class Talent

Digicode provides professional services that help organizations maximize the return on technology investment. Digicode: Built by experienced technology executives to solve technological problems designed to assist you in achieving your success.

Digicode offers a comprehensive set of services that range from strategic business consulting services through operational execution. We operate in the five countries to ensure you have complete service coverage and the necessary support your business requires.

Business Consulting Services

The Digicode business consulting services are the fuel for hypergrowth. From strategy consulting through architectural design, Digicode is here to help you vet your ideas, bring them to life, grow your business and thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Application Development and Management Services

Digicode application development and management services provide your organization world class results. From iOS and Android to IoT to VR and AR to AI to Blockchain, you can trust Digicode to deliver on proven and modern foundations.

Enterprise Application Services

The Digicode enterprise application services help your organization extend technology investments for strategic benefit. Whether it’s legacy system modernization, compliance and governance solutions or something as sticky as security hardening, Digicode is here to help.

Technical Infrastructure Services

100% availability is required in today’s competitive environment. With services such as continuous delivery, build automation, production monitoring, DevOps and cloud migration, Digicode is here to help you stay up and available for your business operations.

Outsourcing Services

Digicode can be the technology arm for organizations and we are uniquely positioned to provide such services. From startups to venture capitalists to private equity firms or organizations that are in transition, let us help you forget about burdens of the tech.

Digicode is your one stop shop for any and all of your technology needs.

Practice Disciplines - That extra intangible value at no additional cost with your investment in Digicode.

Digicode isn’t simply a body shop where you are getting junior level coders and paying a premium price. At Digicode, our core competency is technology and our primary differentiation is excellence in execution delivered by world class people infused with best of class Practice Disciplines. These Practice Disciplines or Centers of Excellence are designed to ensure your project's success.

Product Marketing and Product Management

When Henry Ford was asked about innovation he said “If I’d ask people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” If he asked the horse breeders of the time what their customers wanted it would have been sharper spurs. Great product management would have identified the automobile. Why? Because product management is about being proactive and market driven rather than reactive. Digicode infuses world class product management and product marketing disciplines to ensure your investments are on target and right for the market.

Software Development and Engineering

Anyone with a moderate level of training can code. The emergence of both coding skill incubators and third world inexpensive outsource body shops has proven this out. But simply producing code is not software engineering. Excellent software engineering is like producing a four star dining experience. You have to start with excellent ingredients apply incredible skill and technique in order to produce a memorable multi-course culinary experience. Digicode software development practice is designed to ensure nothing but Michelin star results with every engagement.

Software Delivery Methodology

Seamless delivery is a challenge. Plan, Build, Test, Deploy, Engage, Repeat. Orchestrating this process in a multi-developer or multi-team environment can be a challenge. Doing this well requires maestro level expertise and savant like ingenuity. And Digicode has this in abundance. Our Software Delivery Methodology practice will ensure that your technology delivery has symphonic level orchestration and will deliver a Carnegie Hall level performance.

Enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture

In the physical world, architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art. In the world of technology good architecture provides an analogous importance to the execution of your technology investment. Digicode implemented the enterprise and service oriented architecture practice to ensure that every engagement has the solid foundation for success.

IT Operations

Running IT is much larger than most contemplate. So many projects. So little time. Always under the pressure of controlled costs and pressurized deliverables. Digicode understands these factors well and has in response developed the IT Operations practice discipline to ensure that the most can be achieved on the tightest of constraints. From designing your data center strategy to performing system administration to devops to security hardening to compliance and governance solutions our practice is robust, proven and reliable.

Flexibility - A key reason to choose Digicode.

There are various engagement models in which Digicode can operate with our clients. In general, we take pride in being flexible to our customers unique circumstances and are happy to accommodate most scenarios. Some examples of how we engage include.

Bottom Line - We are very flexible.

However you want to engage we are here for our mutual benefit. Contact us and let’s talk about your needs.