Innovative Solutions, Excellence in Execution and World Class Talent

Digicode provides professional services that help organizations maximize the return on technology investment. Digicode: Built by experienced technology executives to solve technological problems designed to assist you in achieving your success.

Digicode provides a range of professionally delivered, cost effective services to help your business achieve its goals. From strategic business consulting services through operational execution, we provide complete service coverage your business needs to fully support your business every step of the way.

Consulting Services

We provide the fuel for your growth, working in partnership with you in every aspect of your business. From business strategy to architectural design, our experience, understanding and professional objectivity will prove invaluable in achieving your objectives and outcomes in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

Application Development and Management Services

Our extensive team of professional creatives and technologists deliver world class results for your organization, maximizing the opportunities of current and future platforms for any organization. From iOS and Android to IoT, VR, AR and Blockchain, we create opportunity through technology. Our expertise ensures every aspect of your project achieves all desired outcomes and objectives.

Enterprise Application Services

Our Enterprise Application team can help any organization extend technology investments for strategic benefit. This can be achieved several ways, from modernizing legacy systems to compliance and governance solutions or security hardening, and our highly experienced, skilled professionals deliver creative and effective solutions in any situation.

Infrastructure Services

Competitive and global, today’s markets wait for no one, and that means 100% availability is essential for any service. We help your organization to stay up and accessible in all aspects of operation, covering the range of possible failure points to provide a comprehensive, reliable service.

Outsourcing Services

By leveraging our expertise, skills and in-depth knowledge, organizations seeking assistance with their technology strategy and systems can take advantage of the opportunities technology represents today. We are uniquely positioned to provide those skills and services to all businesses and organizations, from startups to venture capitalists, private equity firms or any organization that needs world class technology resources.

Digicode is proud to take a different approach, one that provides exceptional outcomes and a different way of approaching technology

Technology services, departments and even individual technology initiatives seem to have lost sight of the driver for adoption of technology, because it adds value, whether that is efficiency, time, cost or new opportunities. Technology investments should be amongst the highest ROI mankind has ever derived, and yet in many cases is being used as an opportunity to extract every cent from a given budget.

SugarCRM integration

As a SugarCRM certified System Integrator, Digicode helps transform your business through consulting, integrtion, customization and delivery for your SugarCRM initiatives. Digicode's vast enterprise application experience coupled with the robust SugarCRM platform, is a powerful combination in achieving high value results. Realize the full potential of your CRM initiatives with Digicode and SugarCRM.

Experience and Expertise

With combined decades of experience in technology in a variety of organizations, Digicode’s founders understand that the industry itself is not adequately dealing with organization’s needs. As informed executives, they believe that there is too much emphasis on the extremes of purely scientific or academic technology pursuits rather than the practical application of such technology that actually improves organizational performance.

Our team of experienced technologists are always focused on delivering technology that powers solutions. That experience drives our approach, we do not provide technology for its own sake, but remain committed to delivering solutions that work. The right solution is always our goal, rather than finding away to use a new technology, working with each client to improve their organization, as technology specialists, not technology sales people.

Flexible Engagement Models

The huge range of experience found within our team has also shaped how we engage with clients and partners, because we understand that every situation, every implementation and every organization are unique. That is why we take an extremely flexible approach to our client’s needs, with bespoke solutions tailored to deliver value, not maximize our return. Our flexibility means the best option for our clients is always available, whether it be on a simple contractor basis of time and materials, a Run-rate Model, fixed bid or staff augmentation using our skills to enhance your inhouse capabilities, or any number of other approaches, we work in your interest.

Consistency in Delivery from World Class Talent

Our flexible approach is only worthwhile if the end result is effective, and we have a team that proves technology development of any kind doesn’t have to be a high-risk game. With world class talent and a proven record of delivering successful solutions, on time and in budget, we provide a service you can trust. Our established methodology delivers successful results, delivering practical business solutions, not just technical showcases. From design to implementation and beyond, our defined approach leads to the desired outcomes.

Best Practices that Don’t Cost Extra

We work with you for your success, with a structured approach that maximizes the skills, knowledge and experience of our whole team to deliver the desired outcomes. But we do not think that world class talent, a structured, planned approach and effective implementation are extras, that is at the core of everything we do. That quality, the intangible substance that runs through our service, such as trust, professionalism, best practice for all coding and technology activities, with Digicode they come as standard. No extra charge.

We are Solution Oriented

By using a structured approach that brings consistency, and by placing added value as the focus of everything we do, Digicode delivers the technology reality that for many had become a dream. We provide the cutting-edge technology business and end users expect, in solutions that provide practical benefits and added value. Technology has become a vehicle for its own sake, used just because that is expected, but with Digicode, our clients benefit from technology that has purpose. Technology that works effectively, constantly and reliably to deliver added value, improved performance and superior user experience at every level.

That is the Digicode difference, technology with purpose.