Digicode for Small and Medium Business

We provide the fuel for your growth, working in partnership with you in every aspect of your business. From business strategy to architectural design, our experience, understanding and professional objectivity will prove invaluable in achieving your objectives and outcomes in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

Custom Software Development

Any technology driven business at some point of its maturity is facing a problem: there is no solution out there that matches exactly what the business needs. Sometimes it is due to the prohibitive cost of too powerful of a solution, sometimes simply because what the company is doing is unique. In any case, before moving on with a custom solution companies should consider all the factors: custom software requires continued investment; what appears simple initially tends to become complex and involved; the market is constantly changing, so the solution has to be flexible so it doesn't obstruct company evolution and many more. Digicode is familiar with all the aspects of building, maintaining and operating custom software solutions and our team of business analysts, designers, architects, developers and QA engineers can help with building modern, scalable and flexible solution that will not become obsolete or an obstacle, but will support the business growth for years to come.

Mobile Application Development

SMBs are operating in a space where mobile applications are likely to be used for customer facing processes as well as for internal needs. While those two categories of applications may use the same underlying technology, the goals, emphasis, paradigm and architecture of the software solution tend to be very different. Recent events of 2020 undoubtedly proven that companies that utilize mobile technology for customer facing and internal needs are more resilient and flexible in terms of their ability to conduct business in the event of disruption to a regular life flow. Digicode has experience with both types of solutions and our team built many B2B and B2C mobile applications as well as implemented internal mobility projects set to increase productivity and efficiency, and to accelerate the business process. The Digicode mobile development team has deep knowledge and expertise in UI/UX, mobile architecture, native and cross-platform technologies, security and compliance, and support of operations.


Our Projects


User Experience is one of those rare aspects of technology that really disrupts the industry. Tracing back to early days of IT we can see that any interaction with computers required special knowledge and education. However, that exclusive club is long gone. Today every human on the planet is a potential user of technology. Users are no longer required to have years or months of training before they can operate software products. Evenmore, competition for users is fierce, anyone who can offer better experience can win the user, even if the technology underneath is less advanced. Small and medium businesses are in the vulnerable spot - from one side there is pressure from large competitors, on the other side - startups, fresh with ideas and not limited by existing frameworks. Improving User Experience does not necessarily mean a complete rebuild. Most often the Digicode team can offer a way to radically modernize the User Interface and User experience without disrupting operations and without a complete rebuild of existing systems.


Technology advances in the last decade changed software development and release cycles. Moving from a once-or-twice-a-year release model suitable for products deployed on premise, to a cloud-based, multitenant, subscription-based SaaS products created new opportunities for the business as well as new challenges in development and operation. Extreme flexibility in almost instant updates delivery to all customers at once, requires proper processes and tools to asure quality, security, compliance, performance, and stability of operations. Digicode can establish automated builds, continuous integration delivery and testing, monitor production performance and autoscale your instances on demand. We can train your team to operate these processes or offer you DevOps as a service. Even organizations without external-facing SaaS products can benefit from implementation of DevOps practice for internal needs.


System Integration And Automation

M&A, rapid growth, and the lack of a coordinated plan can create a situation in which an organization operates many disconnected and overlapping systems. Seemingly trivial ideas of integrated systems can turn into complex and involved tasks. The main issue is not technology compatibility but rather an optimal support of business flow, efficiency and productivity. Being well-versed in modern technology allows us to solve the issue of compatibility while close attention and understanding of business processes helps us to properly design and implement automation and process optimization. Digicode can perform technology audits, identify redundancy, integration opportunities, improve process efficiencies, automate tasks and increase productivity. Our team can put together a roadmap and a plan that suits our customer's budget and implement every aspect of it from A to Z.



While we hear almost every day about security breaches here and there, very often SMBs don’t pay sufficient attention to matters of Security and Compliance. Digicode can help to assess the current state and identify gaps. We can help you to improve security on every level and make sure your organization is fully compliant with regulatory requirements. Digicode and our strategic partners can join efforts to cover your organization needs: from penetration testing to disaster recovery and business continuity, from physical access control to rewriting policies and creating data breach response plans. We involve many parties to provide a system of checks and balances and keep each other accountable. Digicode applies the same principles we offer our customers to our own operations, procedures and offices making Digicode your secure vendor.