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Proprietary Software Development

Each enterprise is a unique combination of business processes and each has its own “secret sauce”. While many aspects of business would follow traditional patterns – like CRM or payroll, there are always aspects that require unique technology to automate and support proprietary business processes. To be effective such proprietary solutions should be meticulously planned and executed to assure that these solve not only today’s problems but can support the enterprise growth and expansion. Investment in a proprietary solution should take into account not only the cost of development and implementation but also other costs, such as maintenance, enhancements, user support and training, hosting, and more.

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When thinking about mobile applications we very often imagine millions of consumer-oriented apps in the market, however, the real revolution is happening in a workplace. Traditionally many businesses operated in the “9 to 5” space, meaning business processes stopped outside of working hours. The first wave of change came with the age of electronic communication where employees could communicate via email from their personal devices. The second wave is more dramatic and more revolutionary. Enterprises that invested and implemented their mobility strategy now can operate around the clock from the safe and secure mobile accounts.

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Legacy Systems Modernization

Technology aging is a real problem for many businesses. What used to be a breakthrough, cutting edge and competitive advantage may eventually become a liability, large cost center and an obstacle in a company’s ability to make changes in business model and offering. In some cases the only thing that is wrong with the technology is the technology itself. At Digicode we have experience dealing with internal products and systems that eventually became incompatible with modern computer and operating systems, obsolete programming languages and software architecture that limit the ability to scale. Modernization is a complex process. Overcoming the initial urge to throw the old technology away and rebuild is the first necessary step in the modernization process. We believe that the modernization and transition can be gradual and less stressful. Our team will design a phased plan that can save money and resources and produce results very early in the process.

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Quality Management

Quality and reliability of systems and applications is a key factor in confidence and satisfaction of internal and external customers. Even most attractive software products if proven unstable and unreliable can repel customers and frustrate employees. Quality Management is not just limited to proper testing of software – it ties to company strategy, setting goals and tolerances for error rates, capacity, resilience and availability of systems and applications. Automated testing, application production monitoring, drills and exercises are all helping to better manage quality and reliability. At Digicode we are helping our customers to assure their products, systems and applications are up to company standards. Starting from the planning stage, Digicode QA team is working hand in hand with Development, DevOps and Operations to build a right testing plan for every module, product and process, incrementally automating stable areas of the code.

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