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We provide the fuel for your growth, working in partnership with you in every aspect of your business. From business strategy to architectural design, our experience, understanding and professional objectivity will prove invaluable in achieving your objectives and outcomes in today’s increasingly competitive markets.



When thinking about mobile applications we very often imagine millions of consumer-oriented apps in the market, however, the real revolution is happening in a workplace. Traditionally many businesses operated in the “9 to 5” space, meaning business processes stopped outside of working hours. The first wave of change came with the age of electronic communication where employees could communicate via email from their personal devices. The second wave is more dramatic and more revolutionary. Enterprises that invested and implemented their mobility strategy now can operate around the clock from the safe and secure mobile accounts. How often have you had to wait days or weeks for your Purchase Order to be approved simply because one of the decision makers was traveling? Internal mobile apps are allowing employees to participate in critical processes from anywhere in the world: on board of a plane, on the beach or at a business meeting on the other side of the globe. Enterprise Mobility, however, is very different from consumer applications and is subject for regulatory compliance, increased security and assuring proper level of user authorization. It comes hand in hand with device provisioning and support for complex scenarios only possible in a multi-user environment. The Digicode mobile development team has deep knowledge and expertise in UI/UX, mobile architecture, native and cross-platform technologies, security and compliance, and support of operations as well as deep understanding of enterprise architecture.

Our Projects

Technical Organization Extension

There are very few challenges out there that a company with a well-established and skilled technical team cannot address. The real issue is most often the availability of resources. Budget limitations, internal policies, tight deadlines, geographical location, and simply, too much work to do as it is are commonly contributing to the lack of resources needed for the particular project, research and innovation, or for the on-going maintenance. Digicode provides multiple models to help with the shortage of resources. Models can vary in a duration, skill set, composition of the team and/or Digicode managerial involvement. Some Digicode customers are looking simply for more hands on deck to increase overall bandwidth of their technical team while others are searching for a deep expertise in a very particular field. Additionally, we are equipped to build teams for our clients that will be later transitioned into our client’s organization.

Data Center Strategy and Cloud Migration

Establishing a data center is a complex mix of procurement, technological and operational strategy in one operation, which is why so many companies take several attempts (and several investment cycles) to get it right. With the Digicode team as your partner, you will see success the first time out. We can design your data center for limitless scaling or operate within your own existing data center. We can take over or work alongside your existing operations, with extensive expertise in Amazon, Microsoft, Google or other bespoke solutions, Digicode has the right foundation to enable your organization to future proof your investments. Digicode is also capable of providing you with the one-stop-shop approach when it comes to migrating your systems and applications into the cloud. Our team has converted many previously premise-bound applications to cloud-suitable systems and even evolved them to make those applications work in the cloud or even migrate to a SaaS model.