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LMS and technology platform for educational institutions

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Your school district more than ever needs a reliable technology partner to help organize remote learning process for your district. Click to get more details about setting up remote learning system.

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LMS makes remote education available to all students

With the support of our experts, you will be able to implement LMS quickly and without putting a dent in your budget. Every student will get access to learning. Tell me how can I get all of my student access to education.

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Keep your students engaged

Our team offers solutions allowing to turn remote learning into a pleasant and fun activity! I want to know more about interactive and fun learning.

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Practice Introduction

Modern technology supports every aspect of human life. Education is one of the areas where use of technology expands traditional teaching methods and creating new opportunities. Technology in education may also act as an equaliser and provides foundation and access to high-quality education to every student, regardless of their location, income, age or social status. Digicode is helping educators to focus on their core competencies and taking on itself to deal with all aspects of technology framework.
LMS is the best technology solution for the facilitation of remote learning.Our experts have profound experience in serving the needs of both teachers and students. We have expertise in deploying, implementing, configuring, and operating LMS systems successfully. We enable our customers with tools to transfer any educational material and to monitor the student progress. Every student deserves to have access to education and with help of technology we can make it possible - in the classroom, at home or on-the-go. LMS platforms offer feature blended-learning and enable teachers to deliver real-time and pre-recorded classes, conduct tests, exams and quizzes.


Having years of experience in providing IT services for education, Digicode team continues to successfully deliver highly efficient software solutions to numerous educational institutions, including one of the largest school districts in the USA. We provide effective learning solutions, fostering regulatory compliance and data protection.
Nearly 87% of our business customers come from referrals. A team of our experienced developers provides highly competent service which always results in successful project delivery. Digocode experts aptly balance innovation of custom software solutions and implementation/integration of out-of-the-box LMS platforms allowing to efficiently facilitate educational processes.
More than 12 years of experience in the field allows Digicode to provide highly reliable service, avoiding pitfalls and following the latest trends in technology. Our solutions are enabling thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students to successfully interact by acquiring the desired results. Our team also assisted educators with developing interactive, fun to use content. It allows teachers to engage all students and keep them focused for the duration of the course.


Depending on the customer requirements we offer to choose one of our four effective models of cooperation. The individual flexible approach of Digicode allows our customers to maximize the return on investment. Understanding of client’s business goals and objectives allows us to reach the desired outcomes.
More than 94% of our projects were delivered on time and budget. Having built an efficient project delivery system, our experts can handle any defect within the shortest possible time, always bearing in mind the customer’s needs. We start strategic planning from the day one, thus providing our customers with solid, scalable and future-proof technology. We enable our customers to review and approve project progress at all stages.
Our established strategy is key to successful project delivery and maintenance. Digicode’s internal methodology allows us to reliably project and then maintain the project timeline. Digicode realises complexity and regulatory compliance requirements surrounding public and private educational institutions and working to create a safe and secure environment that protects privacy of teachers and students.


Being not locked into a particular technology stack, we always choose the optimal technology for each project. The well-trained staff is aimed at providing solutions that allow the clients to facilitate the most efficient process of remote education. Our ability to react quickly is a key enabling us to build the best-suited software for any school district.
At all stages of development, we are ready to implement improvements and maintain the desired scale of LMS. The Digicode team ensures not only the correct implementation of technology but also monitoring software making sure it is operating smoothly.
We have a specifically trained team that works with supplying the software only for remote learning purposes. Experienced developers and testing team offer robust technology solutions. We are checking the system’s capacity and facilitating continuous technology support. The team of Digicode designers will provide customers with creative UI and UX design solutions. Unique methodology enabled us to establish unity and purpose among the workforce. It allows us to synchronise all the processes so that the team works as a fine-tuned mechanism offering top-notch LMS technology expertise contributing to efficient education.

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