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Migration to the cloud is vital for companies looking to unlock growth opportunities while staying prepared for potential disruption.

Companies invest a lot of money in the cloud, but the results aren't always satisfactory. Moving applications, databases, and other business elements from the local server to the cloud server may not be the most optimal solution. Sometimes it may be not feasible or even not possible to do so. Some technologies the company is utilizing might not support the cloud or applications supporting the business are not suited for the Cloud, which may constitute as an excessive effort and expense when shifting to the Cloud operating model. Lastly the cost of the cloud infrastructure and related maintenance might be too high.

Companies also need to consider the regulatory needs, security, scalability, etc., while deciding the cloud strategy. Companies need to choose which operating model is the best from cost to benefit standpoint: like hybrid cloud, colocation, Multi-cloud, or cloud-only strategies.

To keep you ahead in the cloud race, our expert team will help you to decide on the best strategy to achieve a smooth transition to the cloud without hampering the data flow. Our A to Z approach will assess the current state, identify gaps in the applications and infrastructure, define remediation strategies and then combine everything into the solid, unbiased roadmap to guide you in the Cloud journey. This all will allow the Client to focus on day to day activities while preparing to embrace a great change.

We combine our deep industry and market insight with technology experience to help you evaluate the best cloud migration strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partnerships. We then assist you in planning and executing a stable, cost-effective, and agile cloud migration and modernization. Connect With Us.

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Our Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Strategy

Our proven cloud strategies ensure proper alignment of your IT to the most optimal operating model, while continuously supporting the business. We begin with the Current State assessment that evaluates the applications and the underlying infrastructure, looking for the gaps and opportunities. Once we understand the environment, we adjust the goals and identify which operating strategy would have maximum efficiency. This is summarized into the Roadmap, and the journey to the Cloud begins with the migrations planning and execution.

Business Continuity

We ensure mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. This involves more comprehensive planning geared toward long-term challenges to an organization's success. We use available Business Impact Analysis (or conduct BIA) to identify critical applications and define, design and implement High Availability (HA) procedures, design and setup underlying infrastructure, develop automation, and test this functionality.

Disaster Recovery

We use various strategies and services to back up data, applications, and other resources to the public cloud or dedicated service providers. When a disaster occurs, the affected data, applications, and other resources can be restored to the local data center or a cloud provider and resume regular operation for the enterprise. Taking the necessary measures today can help ensure that any future incident won't have a devastating effect on your business.

Cloud Agnostic

Unlike Cloud Native solutions, which place you at the hands of your cloud solution provider, Cloud Agnostic allows you to forge your own route into the clouds without being dependent on the cloud provider.

Data Center Strategy

We design and build optimized, cost-effective data centers and facilities to achieve a lean, resilient and flexible infrastructure.

Right-size the capacity, resiliency, and efficiency of your data center.

Migrate applications, data, and IT equipment between data centers while reducing risk and unplanned outages.

Building a data center takes both money and expertise. The move to cloud and colocation allows companies to get off the CAPEX roller coaster and move to a more linear, operating expenditures (OPEX) financial model.

Automate your data center consolidation and migrations through logical IT discovery of applications, data, and IT equipment.

Provide a highly optimized command center and robust data center infrastructure management services to reduce complexity and improve overall operational efficiency.

You can handle the workloads without the high costs of running your own data center when you combine colocation and cloud. This helps you to concentrate your money on creativity and development instead of infrastructure and operations.

Our Cloud Migration Process

Cloud readiness check

We meet the management and operational team to understand
– Current needs and challenges
– Company processes, procedures and culture
– Their vision for the new system
– Risk tolerance

We help conduct cloud readiness assessment and architecture audit to establish a current state analysis (covering applications and infrastructure) and then deliver an effective roadmap and cloud migration plan. This roadmap defines the optimal placement for business applications as well as any design or package modifications needed for flawless move to the Cloud operations.

We utilize phased approach: planning and execution. This allows for the minimal impact to the Business as Usual (BAU) activities. We use automated cloud management and migration tools to support a smooth transition.

The gradual change enables successful cloud migration rather than a full migration. This approach allows you to find immediate improvement areas and what you can improve over time. With a gradual change approach, we ensure smooth implementation, reducing system failure or capital expenditure.


Allied Legacy System Modernization

Tech Modernization Consulting

Our modernization experts can consult with you helping you discover new opportunities through the implementation of new business models, improved productivity, usability and efficiency, and global distribution.

UI/UX Modernization Services

UI & UX Design consulting services team can help you conquer your modernization challenges with our proven methodology.

Software Re-engineering

We help upgrade and redesign your existing software to match the latest technology trends and ensure easy use, flexibility, and adaptability.

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy modernization services help deliver a seamless customer experience that drives higher revenues, improves productivity, and reduces cost.

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