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Ensure compliance, safety & operational efficiency by implementing SOPs through robust e-learning LMS


For most successful businesses, effective workforce training on products and processes results is a must. Properly trained workforce increases productivity, improves quality, while ensuring compliance to safety best practices.

In sectors like manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, etc where the workforce comes from varied backgrounds, LMS (Learning management system) enables performance management as organizations can assess training needs, objectives, record progress and, provide constant feedback.

At Digicode, our experienced game development experts make even the most exasperating content interesting and easy to learn with lively gamification and improved interactions, simulations, animations, branching scenarios, and videos.

We develop customized LMS and eLearning to implement SOPs (Standard operating procedures), ensure compliance (standards like OSHA, EPA), and adhere to safety best practices in challenging work environments.

We have proven project management skills and experience in e-Learning development to create LMS solutions and training that fits your needs, is scalable and future-ready. Connect With Our Experts

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e-Learning for Industry Health and Safety

Ensure Safety and Compliance

Industries can use LMS to comply with SOPs and regulations in the industry to safeguard against non-compliance. Companies can use an LMS in manufacturing to ensure that all of their employees’ procedures are compliant with industry requirements. LMS ensures that employees have access to the same information and materials and that training expenses are greatly reduced compared to physical programs.

Increase Efficiency and productivity

Easier cross-platform delivery of the training courses across sites, plants or countries to create skilled employees resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. A customized Learning Management System offers many strategies to increase team member participation, engagement and motivation while giving flexibility to employees to revisit trainings multiple times to get a perfect grasp over complex topics.

Train Employees Faster

The manufacturing industry is very competitive, and skilled employees are always in demand. Companies can guard against employee churn by delivering quality SOP and product training to all employees with customized LMS. Through robust reports generated by LMS, companies can create customized programs to create a competent and compliant workforce.

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