Prototype, Beta, MVP, V1.0, Launch...

What is the most common step coming after formulating an idea for a startup? Building a prototype. Prototype, Beta, MVP, Launch - these all are the phases in the lifecycle of technology-driven startups. Each phase has its goals, rules, expectations and purpose. At Digicode we helped dozens of startups to go through these phases helping them to validate the idea and the market, pitch to investors and accelerators, test the monetization models and develop the roadmap and technology strategy. Expectations from a technology partner at each one of these phases is and should be very different. Understanding what is right and what is wrong is critical for the future of the startup. Even more critical is to build future-proof technology that will not require complete rebuilds at every stage and can support growth and scale with the business. In addition to technology expertise and experience, flexibility and adaptability are qualities that make a difference between a good and great technology partner. Digicode always strives to support our startup clients through every pivot point on their exciting adventure.


Mobile Application Development

While well-established companies are playing a catch-up game adding mobile offering to their existing products, startups are uniquely positioned to do what every CTO of Fortune 1000 would dream to do: go mobile first. The challenge is often not in the seemingly trivial task of squeezing a lot of information into a tiny screen but in achieving the simplicity and a precision that is required for the task on the go. Startups can redefine entire industries by streamlining interaction with the customers, simplifying workflows and maintaining lazer focus on the context. Having built mobile apps for companies of any size, from Fortune50 tech giants to single-person startups, Digicode brings this experience to every customer. Our team built a beautiful user interfaces and addictive user experiences of B2C apps and at the same time has the experience of building sophisticated and professional B2B applications. Digicode is always willing to share our expertise and knowledge with our customers, to discuss growth direction and opportunities and to advise on key technology decisions. This is an added bonus that our startup customers enjoy and it is completely free of charge.



For startups that use technology to interact with their users and customers, usability and visual appearance can create a critical and oftentimes required competitive advantage. Globalization of the world market exposes users in most remote areas of the world to the services and products developed by leading on-line brands. Hence, any new product, when it comes to usability and design, competes not only with the direct competitors but with the leaders of the technology world. This task is extremely difficult and hardly ever can be done without expert assistance. The Digicode team of designers and UX experts help our startup customers to make sure their digital products are the reflection of the company's vision and values, that the message their design conveys is exactly what the company has intended, and that users will enjoy using the product and will find it easy, pleasant and intuitive. UI and UX design starts at the prototype phase and continues through the entire lifecycle of the product. Constant validation and user feedback are driving a continuous improvement process of every digital product.