Keep your communication channels open

Now more than ever clarity and frequency of your messaging to prospects and clients becomes critical. Help me to improve and optimize my communication channels.

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Optimize your processes for remote workforce

Wasn't prepared for all employees to work remotely? I want to know more about how Digicode can help my team to switch to 100% remote operation.

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What if my other processes outside SugarCRM are holding you back?

Still haven't integrated all your systems or don't have all data in one place? Ask how Digicode can help with system integration and Data Consolidation efforts in your organization.

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Practice Introduction

At Digicode we never start with what we have. We always start with what our clients need.
Working on multiple projects for our clients around the globe we noticed how painful the process was from the moment they realized they needed a robust CRM till the moment the project was complete.
The CRM market has a lot to offer. Every year new vendors show up on Gartner MQ, some disappear, some from disruptors and visionaries turn into another just CRM on the market. However, regardless of how rich are the features and how robust is the system, the key for failure or success of any CRM system lies with the implementation team.
Ability to map business processes to CRM flow, properly define sales and marketing can be automated, how to build a proper funnel and analyse conversions becomes critical for the success of the client’s team.
At Digicode we decided to apply our knowledge of CRM and experience in other areas of technology to build a comprehensive and consistent implementation and customization methodology.

Why Digicode is Credible

As a SugarCRM Certified System Integration Partner we know a lot about CRM systems in general and about integrating with other systems to create a fine-tuned comprehensive business process that supports all stages of the client's portfolio from Lead Generation to Customer Support. Recognizing the value of the CRM system for Sales and Marketing automation we obviously could not pass on the opportunity to build one for ourselves. This gives us a unique perspective: how often a mechanic who works on sports cars get’s to own and drive one every day?
Our services are not limited to SugarCRM. If our clients need Salesforce or Zoho, or any other CRM system, we have engineers familiar and experienced with the matter.


Digicode senior leadership brings with them vast experience in technology in various industries. Company culture was built around the idea that technology is serving business needs and not vice versa. This is why our approach is always to identify business goals and ways of reaching them rather than spending time debating which technology is better and more modern.
However, solid technology foundation is priceless when it comes to the point where out-of-the-box solutions are falling short: we will always find the right solution for our clients. In some cases pure technology is not an answer and we have never forced anyone into a solution just because of more billable hours or our personal comfort.


Our methodology starts with an assessment of the business objective and current state.While Business Analyst will be working with future/current users and identifying areas of improvement and optimization, our technical team will get familiar with the existing system and all systems that need to be integrated. One information is gathered, our team will build a roadmap and will build the solution incrementally. Making it useful within days not months. Digicode team will be with you all the way until the moment you will feel confident and comfortable with your new system. We will alway be around for more improvements, upgrades and migrations if needed.

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