Outsourcing Services

By leveraging our expertise, skills and in-depth knowledge, organizations seeking assistance with their technology strategy and systems can take advantage of the opportunities technology represents today. We are uniquely positioned to provide those skills and services to all businesses and organizations, from startups to venture capitalists, private equity firms or any organization that needs world class technology resources.


We have a track record of success working with startup ventures, assisting in bringing their idea to market and beyond. From early stage design through to production and Market fulfillment, we offer the guidance, skills and insight that delivers outstanding results and continued success.

Venture Capitalists

Working with venture capitalists on startup and organizations in change, the Digicode team provide the reliable expertise that allows a vision to become reality, creativity to flourish and goals to be achieved. We manage the technology, and to allow the organization to focus on success.

Private Equity Firms

During Mergers and Acquisitions, there are many challenges to overcome, none more so than in the technological infrastructure. Production and operation are disrupted causing further challenges, however the Digicode team can provide the technical assessment for acquisition, including replacing lost personnel or entire departments. Our bespoke solution will deliver security for your investment.

Organizations in Transition

There comes a point where every organization, no matter what size, realizes that the limited, off-the-shelf solutions are not enough, stifling progress and innovation. Digicode understand this, and our team have a track record of success in delivering bespoke solutions for your technical organization, from strategic outlook through custom software implementation to routine maintenance.