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Technology is a force multiplier for the health care sector, helping optimize resource utilization, enhance patient care, and ensure compliance.

Hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers need to continuously enhance technology to meet the ever-growing government regulations, technological advancements, and patient expectations.

Building a successful healthcare solution starts from a deep understanding of the business goals and operating processes.

At Digicode, we have learned how to explore and understand the needs of our customers. Our team of seasoned custom application experts deliver world-class healthcare software for your organization, maximizing the opportunities that support future growth. Connect With Our Experts

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Healthcare Software We Help Develop

For Healthcare Clinics/ Hospitals

  • EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records/ Electronic Medical Records)
  • Practice management
  • HIS (Hospital Information System)
  • Medication administration
  • Medical staff management
  • Healthcare data analytics
  • Hospital inventory management
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management

For Medical Imaging
Practices, Labs

  • Practice management
  • Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management
  • Medical image management
  • Lab management
  • Provider portals
  • Collaborative Solutions

    • Digital therapeutics (DTx)
    • Care coordination
    • HIE (Health Information Exchange)

    Patient-Centered Solutions

  • Patient engagement
  • Patient apps
  • Patient portals
  • Our Healthcare Software Development Services

    End To End Healthcare Software Development

    Business Need Analysis

    Software Architecture Design

    UX and UI design

    Software Development




    Ongoing maintenance and enhancement

    Our proven process to develop effective healthcare solutions

    Cloud readiness check

    A comprehensive, well-defined, and continuous process is needed for successful healthcare software development. We meet the management and operational teams to understand
    – Current needs and challenges
    – Their vision for the new system

    An audit of existing process is a vital step to find loopholes and uncover hidden opportunities. Internal process audit helps understand the processes from a business standpoint.

    The next step to successful healthcare software development is to Identify the inter-dependencies between different processes, find ways to make processes faster, and improve quality. A plan is created mentioning today’s state and outlining the desired state that needs to be created.

    We use DevOps and the gradual change approach in developing the new software. This approach ensures incremental development and comprehensive testing by end-users ensuring smooth implementation, reducing system failure or capital expenditure.

    Allied Services

    UI/UX Modernization Services

    UI & UX Design consulting services team can help you conquer your modernization challenges with our proven methodology.

    Custom Software Development

    Team of seasoned custom software development experts to deliver world-class results for your organization, maximizing the opportunities that support future growth.

    Cloud Migration Services

    Our cloud migration services handle migrations efficiently and with minimal disruption.

    Software Re-engineering

    We help upgrade and redesign your existing software to match the latest technology trends and ensure easy use, flexibility, and adaptability.

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    “Digicode has proven to be a valuable dedicated IT team provider and technology partner! They were receptive to our needs and were quick and efficient in understanding skill set requirements and our preferences which is crucial to such program. Digicode employees are experts in their field, and bring industry knowledge and market data to the account, which has proven to be beneficial to our managers time and time again.”

    CEO of a Healthcare Company

    “Digicode was an indispensable part of understanding and solving our product development challenges. Their attention to detail and expert planning made the process run smoothly and efficiently from the very beginning. The Digicode team was highly professional, experienced, and efficient.”

    CEO of a Healthcare Company

    “We increased our efficiency & accomplished complex integration, thanks to the custom application development Services from Digicode. They understood our business needs and provided a solution for our challenges. The team was professional with the necessary domain expertise. Thanks to Digicode, we were able to achieve our goals efficiently.”

    CEO/Founder of Tech Start-up

    “Digicode delivered the application to exact requirements in the agreed timeframe, and it has been in operation ever since, without the need for critical support. The Digicode team has impeccable business acumen and provided us with vital technical and strategic insights to enhance our product. I would recommend Digicode to my network!”

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